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Rebecca. 21. I like musicals and TV a lot.


This was in the comment section of a New York Times piece called “What Do You Remember From the First Time You Saw ‘Phantom of the Opera?’”
It trumped all others.
  • Person: Scale of 1-10 how dramatic are you?
  • Me: Phantom of the Opera overture

Starting to pack for London now so if anyone has any tips, tricks, or anything else like that I would love to hear it! :) 

How many customer service representatives do I have to speak to in order to get my phone straightened out?


The last porkroll, egg, and cheese for three months. #GodsWork


I had a dream last night that Jesus finally resurrected and when white people found out he wasn’t white they arrested him for 2000 something years of tax evasion  

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I don’t think I’m even a human being anymore I’m like 97% musical theatre and 3% tea

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“Gonna miss this guy!!@antonyhansen" (From Harriet Jones’ Twitter)